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Historical Building: Mojiko Station

By Staff Writer
March 17, 2023
Mojiko Station in Kitakyushu City, the gateway to Kyushu, was built in 1914 by JR Kyuahu and was the first station building in Japan designated as a National Important Cultural Property in 1988. Mojiko Station is one of only two current station buildings designated as a National Important Cultural Property, the other being Tokyo Station. The station building was a beautifully symmetrical wooden structure, both stately and modern, which was very rare at the time. In order to cope with its aging and to reinforce its earthquake resistance, a large-scale renovation was carried out in 2012, and the grand re-opening was held in 2019. The area around Mojiko Station is an area where quaint buildings constructed between the Meiji and early Showa periods still remain. Known as "Mojiko Retro," the area has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Kitakyushu City.
The entrance to Mojiko station
Mojiko station in the evening
Mojiko station at night, with illuminations
Aerial view of Kitakyushu, with Mojiko Station in the foreground
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