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Sunflower field in Hokuryu, Hokkaido

By Staff Writer
August 25, 2023
Hokuryu in Hokkaido is famous for its vast sunflower fields. From mid-July to late August, about 2 million sunflowers bloom in the 23-hectare sunflower field. More than 200,000 tourists visit every year to see the beautiful yellow flowers. There are several sunflower fields in Japan, but the field in Hokuryu is said to be the best in Japan. The people of the town cultivate them every year for the tourists. This year, the Hokuryu Sunflower Festival is held from July 22nd to August 20th.
Sunflower blooming in the field
A little bus running in the middle of the field
A baby in mother's arm and a sunflower with a face
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