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Kanda Used Book Festival in Jimbo-cho, Tokyo

By Staff Writer
November 10, 2023
Kanda in Jimbo-cho, Tokyo is popularly known as Book Town. This area is known as the world's largest used bookstore district, and is a very attractive area for people who love old books. Jimbo-cho has long been a town with many publishers, bookstores, and wholesalers. The number of bookstores that carry a variety of books, including foreign books, specialized books, and translated books, has increased since there were a lot of universities and vocational schools around this town. Kanda Used Book Festival is held from the end of October to the beginning of November every year. It is said that about one million used books are placed on the sidewalks during this time of year. Many people flock to Jimbocho, hoping to find a bargain.
People picking up books on a street
People standing and looking at books
Books lined up on bookshelves
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