Sweets in Convenience Store

By Staff Writer
April 07, 2023
Convenience stores in Japan sell a wide and continually changing variety of sweets. The lineup is extensive, with cakes, puddings, jellies, cream puffs, and so many other types originating from Japan, the west, or other parts of the world. Some people who stop by convenience stores stop at the sweets section to check out the delicious-looking items. They taste as good as they look, and are as delicious as those in western confectionery stores, attracting shoppers. Convenience store sweets are also popular among foreigners visiting Japan. Some find it refreshing that cakes are sold in individually packaged pieces, while other are surprised to find seasonal sweets available only for a limited time. As Corona has settled down, the number of tourists coming to Japan from abroad has also increased. Why not take a look at the sweets section when you stop by a convenience store?
Convenience store chocolate-base and pudding-base sweets
A mother and daughter each eating a piece of cake
A colorful roll cake from a Japanese convenience store
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