Nagaoka Fireworks Festival

By Staff Writer
August 07, 2023
Nagaoka City holds a fireworks festival every summer. The two-day event in Nagaoka attracts about 1 million people and is known as one of the best fireworks events in Japan, drawing many people from the surrounding areas and also from all over the country. Fireworks festivals in Japan have developed in a unique way that is different from that of other countries. While in other countries, fireworks are set off in a supporting role when there is an event, in Japan, the purpose of fireworks festivals is mostly to enjoy it. For this reason, fireworks have long been enjoyed by people, and many go to festivals in various regions every year. The characteristic of fireworks is the shape of it. Japan's fireworks technology is said to be advanced. Pyrotechnicians calculate the direction in which the gunpowder will fly out when making the fireworks ball, so the fireworks turn out to be beautiful spheres when shot up. These events have not been held for the past few years due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but many resumed last year, and are regaining their liveliness.
People sitting and watching colorful fireworks
Big and colorful fireworks shooting in the sky
A lot of fireworks shooting over the city
People sitting and looking up the sky to see golden fireworks
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