ICT Education

By Staff Writer
January 13, 2023
Japan is strongly committed to ICT education in schools. Students use tablets and other technologies at school, which makes it easier for them to look up unfamiliar matters and share their thoughts with other students, giving them more in-depth knowledge. This has a number of unique applications: at one school, VR has been used in physical education to teach unfamilar moves, such as gymnastics vaulting. The idea is that by using VR headsets, the students will get used to the sensation of completing the move, and will then have more success when they try it for themselves. Japan is committed to creating an environment where each student can easily learn by providing digital support for their learning environments.
A child looking at a map on a tablet, while another child gives a presentation in front of the same map on a large screen
Children in a classroom tapping a tablet
A group of children in a classroom using VR headsets
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