The Fusion of Art and Tech in Japan, NAKED, INC.

By Staff Writer
February 20, 2024
What do you imagine when you think of Digital Art in Japan?
NAKED, INC. (Shibuya, Tokyo) is one of the leading creative companies that has emerged in Japan in conjunction with the global trend toward in the realms of technology and art. The company works closely with local governments on community revitalization and tourism promotion projects as part of their business. The event held last year at Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, a park under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of the Environment, delighted numerous visitors with their light art and the application of brightly colored projection mapping on trees and ponds in the park. In addition, “NAKED Distance LanternⓇ”, unique art lanterns lent to visitors were well received by foreigners as a participatory art with the artwork in their hands. NAKED, INC. and other Japanese creative companies have been very active in organizing events and exhibitions abroad. There are high expectations for Japanese digital art, which is expected to gain more momentum in the areas of business and regional development in the coming years.
A woman standing with a Japanese lantern near a pond
©naked inc.
A woman standing between large colorful platanus trees
©naked inc.
A woman wearing Kimono holding a Japanese lantern in the park
©naked inc.
Four colorful art lanterns illuminating the surroundings
©naked inc.
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