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Regional Revitalization: Compact city in Toyama

By Staff Writer
March 17, 2023
Toyama City in Toyama Prefecture is famous for its beautiful snow-capped Tateyama mountain range from winter to spring, but also as a role model for regional development. In order to cope with a declining population and aging society, the city is promoting a sustainable compact city concept. Specifically, the city is developing a vibrant urban center by enhancing public transportation and concentrating urban functions such as residences, commerce, business, and culture along its rail lines. One of the compact city measures is the Light Rail Transit (LRT). The low-floor streetcars have become a convenient mode of transportation for Toyama citizens. They are more punctual than buses that run on the surface of the street, and because of their low floors, they are easy to get on and off with few steps, making them a friendly transportation system for the elderly and children. Since the implementation of this compact city policy, more and more people are moving to Toyama City, making the city more vibrant.
A streetcar in Toyama City 1
A streetcar in Toyama City 2
Toyama City in front of the surrounding mountains
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