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The Scenery of Tateyama Mountain Range

By Staff Writer
May 31, 2024
Tateyama Mountain Range is located in the northern part of the Hida Mountains and consists of three peaks. Spring is an ideal season to take beautiful photos of the mountains still covered with snow after the harsh winter of the Hokuriku region. Since ancient times, some Japanese have worshipped mountains, and Tateyama Mountain Range was also often climbed by monks. Today, visitors can travel the 40km Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route from Toyama Station to Nagano Station by train, trolley bus, or ropeway. The route is also expected to be crowded in this year from April to November, when it is open to tourists.
Tateyama Mountain Range behind a field of bright yellow rapeseed blossoms.
Pink cherry blossoms and red tulips in front of the Tateyama Mountain Range
A lake surrounded by mountains
Tateyama Mountain Range across the sea
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